Naturopathic Allergy Clinic Staff

Our staff at Naturopathic Allergy Clinic,  are not like any staff on the earth. They are the cream of the crop and they are the icing on the cake. Their professional ethics are the reason behind our success. On the other hand,  just like every other clinic, our staff consists of two groups: The administrative front desk and clinical team.

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Front Desk Staff This note is in appreciation to our front desk staff. We consider our staff as our window to the world. Without their generous contribution of professionalism and kindness to the clinic and our patients;  We would not have reached our current level of success as quickly as we did. I am indebted to our administrative front desk, bookkeeper and management for their contribution towards the smooth running of our clinic.

We at the Naturopathic and Allergy Clinic recognize that you did not come to the office for leisure or entertainment; instead there was a specific purpose that brought you through our front doors.  We recognize and respect that you came to the clinic seeking an answer to a health problem or  several health problems that you were previously unable to resolve.
Also, we realize that, on your way to our office you must have driven by many naturopathic clinics, homeopathic clinics, health food stores, and yet you made the conscious choice to come here.

Most likely, you stopped at our clinic because you wanted to reap the benefits from our 20 years of experience and be treated by the clinical staff at the largest naturopathic clinic in North America.

Our Clinical Staff

Our clinic has several unique characteristics that places it at the leading edge of the field of alternative medicine. These characteristics are:

  • collectively, we have acquired over 55 years of university education

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    post-graduate studies,

  • collectively, we possess over 35 years of alternative clinical treatments experience,
  • every single staff member at the clinic including the doctors, therapists and administrative staff is eager to contribute to the well being of each and every patient,
  • one patient: one file policy in the clinic. This is extremely important for the patient’s well being and the consistency of the treatment. Unlike other clinics where every doctor has a separate file for the same patient, all of our doctors and therapists work with one file while treating the same patient. This means that every practitioner involved in your case is aware and updated about your condition. This reduces conflicts, duplication, mistakes and over prescribing.
  • all doctors and therapists consult each other concerning the patient’s best outcome,
  • remedies are prescribed at the initial stage of the treatment.


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