Dr. Fateh Srajeldin
Dr. Fateh SrajeldinNaturopathic Doctor
BSc., ND Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto since 1990

I am Fateh Srajeldin, a naturopathic doctor in the city of Toronto for the past 25 years. I attended Stephen Leacock C.I. and then I began my undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto. I pursued my passion in alternative medicine at the Canadian (Ontario) College of Naturopathic Medicine and graduated as a Doctor of Naturopathy. My experiences over the past 25 years have been refined with every clinical case that I have started and ended in a successful recovery. Maybe numbers would illustrate this point little better. Interviewing and treating an average of ten patients a day means I have conducted approximately 450,000 visits and treatments in these 25 years. Each of these treatments has sharpened my skills and enabled me to become one of the leading naturopaths in the city of Toronto.

I am committed to serve my patients with the best quality and safest treatments at all times. Commitment has led me to improve my existing knowledge by attending Naturopathic and Medical conferences locally and all over the world including The USA, Germany, England, France, and Mexico. I estimate that I have attended approximately 1,000 hours of conferences and educational courses to keep my skills and knowledge current. My love and passion for Naturopathic medicine has resulted in many successes in treating local patients. These successes have led to referrals of royalties and dignitaries from abroad to seek my services for their health issues.

Over the years, I have come to realize that even if two independent cases display similar symptoms to one another, I should not treat the two cases in the same way. Despite having many similarities, there could also be much dissimilarity deep in the patient’s history, or in the modalities of the symptoms. Therefore, in all fairness to my patients, I find myself obliged to perform a full exam as if this is the first examination of it’s kind. These diagnostic skills and my ability to listen to the smallest details have led patients to tell me that my extensive clinical investigations are very fine and sharp.

Further, I have introduced naturopathic medicine to various countries in the world. I was honoured to lecture about alternative therapy in conferences locally in Canada as well as globally in countries such as Germany, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Dubai.

I am very effective in treating chronic allergies, chronic digestive issues and high cholesterol cases. I am also very successful in managing of all types of cases of children’s ADD, ADHD and Autism. I am proud to say that I have helped with 23 births by helping parents and supporting mothers, during the  conception period, who were labelled as infertile after failing at IVF therapy. I have helped numerous cancer cases over the years using mega vitamin C, mistletoe treatment and Angiogenesis treatments to secure health and life.  In addition, I was the first naturopath to introduced IV therapy in Ontario. I have administered approximately 41,000 IV treatments between 1990 and 2015. Some of these IVs were Chelation IV, Ozone IV, Phosphatidyle Choline IV and Alkaline (Simoncini’s solution) IVs.

DR. LUDMILA (Ukraine) Homeo
DR. LUDMILA (Ukraine) HomeoHomeopath Doctor

Dr. Ludmila had studied homeopathic medicine in Toronto in addition to her medical degree from the Ukraine. She is licensed as a homeopath in Ontario but not as a medical doctor. She is a classical Homeopath with extensive experience in Family Medicine Mental Health, and previously in a hospital practice in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Nephrology departments.

Dr. Ludmila (Homeo) brings her deepest passion to listening to her patients, to identify the cause of the diseases and to help them to regain their health, energy, and happiness.

In 1998, Dr. Ludmila (Homeo) and her family moved to Canada and she began working as a Registered Nurse at the Senior Residency in Mississauga. In 2001, she enrolled at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine to study in the dept. of Classical Homeopathy. Upon graduation, she registered with the HMCC (Homeopathic Medical Council of Canada) and started practicing Homeopathy and Acupuncture, Colon Hydrotherapy, and Skin Therapy at the Naturopathic and Allergy Clinic in Etobicoke.

Dr. Ludmila (Homeo) specializes in: depression, anxiety, addictions, ADD, ADHD, autism, female health issues, weight gain, sports injuries, vaccinations, detoxifications and drainages, allergies, skin diseases, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular concerns, hypertension, kidney and liver concerns, and cancer.



He graduated from New York Chiropractic College as Student of the Year and received awards for co-publishing research in instrumental diagnosis of lower back pain as well as for advocating chiropractic while representing the college at various conferences. During his time there. he also experienced performing scoliosis screenings at schools, and wants to bring that program to Canada where no such program exists. Dr. Nalli used to have scoliosis and if such a program were in place when he was a child, it could have caught his scoliosis earlier in life. It is something he is currently working on. He is also a member of the Phi Chi Omega Society for top grades and tutored the class of 2011 through their 3 semesters of anatomy laboratory which is entirely comprised of cadaveric dissection. He treated numerous faculty at the college, including board members and the president of the college at the time, Dr. F. Nicchi himself.

Currently, he is an active advocate of the chiropractic profession representing the Ontario Chiropractic Association at various conferences and reaching out to various government establishments and the public to spread chiropractic awareness. He was also nominated to be one of the directors for the Ontario Chiropractic Association. His past and ongoing volunteer participation also include but are not limited to a local Tennis club: the Veneto Tennis Club, Tae-Kwon Do tournaments, dragon boat teams, the 2015 PanAm games as Canadian Olympic Committee Assistant, St. Gregory’s Orphanage Charitable Association, and Shining through Centre for Children with Autism. When he is not volunteering or performing on-site assessments for sports teams or catastrophically injured patients, Dr. Nalli is practicing his craft of chiropractic. His life purpose is to make people better so they can enjoy their lives and share it with whom they love and what they love doing. He lives in Vaughan, Ontario with his wife and daughter and wishes you well.

SARAH GIOVINAZZO. NDNaturopathic Doctor

I have always been extremely interested in all aspects of health: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I began by obtaining my Specialized Honours B.A. in Psychology from York University. During this time I developed a strong passion for Naturopathic Medicine. I began studying at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and ultimately received my Doctor of Naturopathy degree. During my internship, I practiced at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic as well as the Brampton Naturopathic Teaching Clinic, located in the Brampton Civic Hospital.

I love to learn and frequently spend my time studying new techniques! This passion for learning has led me to become a Reiki Master, study Biotherapeutic Drainage and become certified in Cosmetic and Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture. The additional training has helped me develop a unique skill set and style of practice, which enables me to treat a wide range of conditions and health issues specific to each of my patients’ needs.

It is my goal to prevent illness, improve health and change the lives of as many people as possible. I would love to be part of your health journey.


My professional training in this complementary and alternative medicine began at the British Institute of Homeopathy in 2009, and continued at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM) in Toronto, where I completed the practitioner program.My professional training in this complementary and alternative medicine began at the British Institute of Homeopathy in 2009, and continued at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM) in Toronto, where I completed the practitioner program.

I am registered with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario, a governing body mandated by the Ministry of Health of Ontario to regulate the practice of homeopathy in this province. I also hold a BSc. (Hon) in Psychology from the University of Toronto.

My Homeopathy practice is collective disciplines between my studies at the University of Toronto and at the Homeopathic College. It includes treatments for acute illness as well as chronic conditions, for both adults and children. Along with treating simpler illnesses before they become serious. I welcome those with suffering from physical or psychological ailments. I specialize in  emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, children issues and fertility.

New to The Naturopathic Allergy Clinic is Live Blood Cell Analysis, a wonderful clinical tool that provides a clear picture of your blood using Live Blood Analysis. A drop of blood can tell a lot about your health, the state of the cells and other blood components provide a graphic picture of one’s health. you will enjoy watching the information evolving as I scan your drop of blood.