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Is Lactose targeting people?


Lactose is a type of sugar found in milk and most milk products. it is blamed for many allergies to young children and adults. I think lactose is innocent of the accusations of allergies. my clinical practical experience dictates that the culprit is a protein found in dairy products that causes allergies (itch, bloating, gas, [...]

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Gluten Free Diet ?


What is gluten? Gluten is a protein found in some grains and legumes associated with some forms of allergy (itch, hives, swelling, headaches, migraines and joint pain) reaction causing protein found in grains such as: Wheat Rye Barley Bran Bulgur Couscous Durum Graham Orzo Panko Spelt Udon Semolina And possible oats. A person who suffers [...]

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Favisim G6PD Testing


G6PD (Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase) is a Red Blood Cells protective enzyme. It helps the red blood cells function properly in the presence of foreign substances that hinder its synthesis, such as medication or allergens or infections. The deficiency could be genetically inherited condition on the X-chromosome of the affected patient. This genetic condition could be passed mainly to [...]

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Eczema (aka Leaky gut syndrome)


Eczema (aka Leaky gut syndrome) is the initial condition that would eventually lead to several symptoms of eczema, hives, skin irritations, asthma like syndrome and ulcerative colitis. This condition is commonly referred to as Ulcerative Colitis, Colitis Causes Starts from one of the following causes… Lack of breastfeeding or short term period Introduction of solids earlier than 1 [...]

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Coffee “Caffeinated or Decaffeinated”


Dr. Fateh Srajeldin BSc., ND Coffee is one of the most popular beverages among non-food items that is considered being a food item to many people. It is consumed and sold in the western hemisphere like there is no tomorrow!  All scientific studies have indicated that coffee is an addictive drug. The studies exaggerated the [...]

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Laser Hair Removal


WHY LASER HAIR REMOVAL? Unwanted body and facial hair common problem for many men and women of all skin types. Laser hair treatments are safe effective and convenient way to achieve permanent hair reduction. These treatments deliver outstanding results, saving you times and money! WHO CAN GET LASER HAIR REMOVAL? Laser hair removal treatments traditionally [...]

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The Truth Behind Nutella


The Truth Behind Nutella Consumers are being misled by the Nutella television ads that use words like “healthy” and “nutritious” to describe the product. The makers of the popular hazelnut-flavoured spread have agreed to a $3-million settlement to end four class-action suits filed in the United States that claimed that Nutella engaged in misleading marketing [...]

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Sleep, what we don’t know about sleep ..?


Dr. Fateh Srajeldin BSc., N.D. Sleep disorders affect normal sleep patterns Insomnia, or sleeplessness, is a sleeping disorder described as a pronounced inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep as long as desired. Thus, insomnia is most often thought of as both a sign and a symptom that can accompany several medical, and psychiatric disorders [...]

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