A child’s immune system is ever evolving.

Boosting Children’s Immunity

Children’s Immunity Check Up



It’s that time of year again… when sick kids and tissues take over the house!

High Risk of Exposure

The reality is that children are continually exposed to bacteria and viruses floating in the air, especially in crowded places such as daycares and schools. If exposed and infected, they may be forced to miss school and possibly cause the parents to miss work.

Child’s Immune System

A child’s immune system is ever evolving, and this is why children tend to be more susceptible to viruses than adults.  If a child’s immune system is weakened they are much more vulnerable to catching colds and flu’s. However, when the immune system is functioning efficiently, the body is able to fight these infections.

Trust The Professionals

There are many natural ways to help boost your child’s immune system- whether through nutritional recommendations, targeted supplements or life style modifications. However, with the infinite information on the internet, how will you know who to trust and what fits your child’s needs?

Here, at the Naturopathic Allergy Clinic, our expert Naturopathic specialists can guide you through these choices and help make these decisions simpler and more manageable. We welcome you and your family, and encourage you to come in for an immune system check-up, given by Dr. Srajeldin, ND! Dr. Srajeldin, ND, has over 25 years experience providing effective non-invasive natural remedies for clients of all ages.

The goal of every parent is to have their children be healthy and happy. Let us help you prevent recurrent colds and flu’s in your household!

It includes the visit, evaluating current and past medical symptoms and an examination of the child.

“Childrens’ immunity is a proactive measure”