Breast Cancer

This is true if we give the body nutrients and food that the body is familiar with. Collectively, the concerted works of:


  • All intravenous cancer therapies must be prepaid at time of booking the appointment with no exceptions and pre-arranged by appointment.
  • It must be clearly noted that our IV licensed naturopath travels specifically to be at the clinic to conduct your cancer therapy.
  • Exact timing is very essential in scheduling/planning her days efficiently.

Proactive Measures

I emphasize to my patients that females should perform a thorough self breast examination on the 15th day of their cycle, while menopausal women should examine their own breasts on the first day of the calendar month. The monthly self examination should be backed up by a yearly examination by a specialized nurse or a physician. A woman who smokes and uses the oral contraceptive pills should request a yearly blood test of cancer markers (Ca 15-3 and CEA) starting at age 35, while a woman who does not smoke or uses oral contraceptive may request the same yearly blood test at age 40 years. It is a proactive prevention.

Life Style and Diet

Since the early 1970s, physicians and clinicians working in the field of holistic and integrative medicine have explored and documented many excellent therapy options for cancer patients who wish to preserve the integrity of their constitutional health, while managing the disease into long-term remission. Principles among these are:

  • An essential intravenous high dose of vitamin C. Based on the Nobel-prize winning work of pioneer Dr. Linus Pauling and further developed by such luminaries as Dr. Thomas E. Levy, vitamin C IV therapy more frequently, in combination with a complete program of a good diet:
    • Lifestyle modifications like the anti-cancer ketogenic diet so that pH of the body is Alkaline
    • Eat Anti-Angiogenesis diet
    • Zero white sugar consumption is one of the most proactive measures an individual may take to prevent all diseases where cancer is one of them. A patient who is suffering from any cancer condition should make sure that consumed diet is also zero sugar. The Fifth Estate of the CBC News has the following video to watch about the dangers of sugar consumption The Fifth Estate Video** Watch Here**
  • Naturopathic supplementation, Curcumine, Glutathion, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Omega oil,
  • Hyperbaric oxygen
  • Physical exercise
  • Personal inquiry, has been proven time and again to be an outstanding means by which patients given a morbid prognosis can take control of their own fate and support the body to do what it does best… restore balance and vital health.


What’s more, as leading research now tells us, cancer is best understood as a metabolic disease rather than one of mere abnormal cell growth produced by genetic or environmental factors. The research of Dr. Thomas Seyfried in particular, a prominent promoter of the ketogenic diet, has illuminated the mechanisms within the cancer cell that point indisputably towards the impaired cellular energy metabolism which defines the disease, no matter where its point of origin in the body. In effect, healthy cells can switch between both glucose and fats as energy sources while cancer cells cannot. Exploiting this impairment, the ketogenic diet strictly removes all sources of glucose and carbohydrates from the diet, replacing them with high quality plant fats and fatty acids like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, and macadamia nuts, to name a few. Bringing blood glucose levels down to a minimum, this approach successfully starves cancer while continuing to provide a rich and abundant supply of energy to the body in the form of these superb fats. When dietary modifications like this are combined with intravenous vitamin C, the results are often spectacular. Mega dosing with anywhere from 50-100grams of C ensures that this important helper can reach and saturate tumor tissues where its presence is preferentially toxic to cancer cells.

Cancer is always treated after the fact of it’s invasion. We need to be proactive and prevent it before it gains any ground or before it starts.

Cancer remains to be a diagnosis that causes tremendous fear yet in truth, it’s simply a call to bring balance and awareness to our living. Rather than being experienced as a terrible turn of events, it can be viewed as an opportunity, to be embraced and exploited for the highest and best quality of life. If you would like more information on cancer therapies available for both the prevention and therapies of cancer, please feel free to contact our clinic at 416-207-0207.

Our naturopathic doctor has 25 years experience in cancer therapies with people around the world with intravenous therapy and natural medicines. His work is complimented by a full range of holistic, or whole person, approaches to cancer therapies offered by the rest of our practitioner team, including chiropractic, osteopathy, massage therapy, colonic, hypnotherapy, aspect therapy and emotional freedom technique, homeopathy, reiki, yoga, qigong, and nutritional advice as well as support.