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The body is a master at digesting nutrient ingested in our meals at a high rate of efficiency.


This is true if we give the body nutrients and food that the body is familiar with. Collectively, the concerted works of:

  • the stomach, it’s low pH acid, required minerals and its digestive enzymes
  • the liver with its metabolism, enzyme and coenzyme
  • the gallbladder and its bile acid
  • the pancreas with its hormones, enzymes and coenzymes
  • The small intestine, its selective nutrients absorption and its motility
  • the large intestine (the colon), its final absorption of minerals and left over material and its transit time motility

It would work together to produce a very effective digestion if given good balanced diet. Balanced diet means fresh food,  contains no chemical preservatives, contains no sugar, contains no salt, contains no GMO food and cooked properly. Food that contains preservatives, synthetics oils, sugars and salts would create a tsunami inside the body leading to various symptoms of digestive problems, headaches, migraines, joints pain, heart issues, fat digestion issues, weight gain in the wrong places.

People try to convince me that they need their one cup of coffee in the morning to start their day, otherwise the day will not run smoothly However, a daily cup of coffee, some dairy milk and sugar are seen by the body as a daily dose of medications. Not to mention the side effects of a daily cup of coffee which hinders your body’s ability to emerge into a healthier stage, deplete the calcium reserve in the body, compromises the immune ability to deal with infections, disrupts people’s sleep, increases cholesterol, affects the stability of the nervous system, and acidifies your blood.

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