A person suffering with the following symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, itchy nose or nasal congestion MAY OR MAY NOT have allergy symptoms. Those who have treated their allergies for years and still have to continue treatment are a great example. The question that arises from this scenario is `Do their symptoms indicate allergies or something else.? `. At our clinic, we distinguish between symptoms of true allergies and symptoms of false allergies.

Allergy Treatments

Blood Allergy Test is an IgG test

Serum (blood) allergy testing is a unique test for allergens in the body. It is most accurate compared to many non-serum tests. Surely, it is not similar to skin allergy testing at all. It does not introduce foreign substances inside the body to test for allergens. It tests for the intended allergens that are already present in the body as a result of the prior consumption of foods that contain these allergens over the past years, since birth.

Serum allergy testing IgG offers four panels of testing;

  • Food IgG Screen (120 foods) for vegetarians
  • Food IgG Screen ( 200 foods) for everyone 
  • Allergy IgG Inhalant Panel for everyone
  • Animal allergies for everyone

It is possible to order the panel that fits your needs at any time of the year,