I am Fateh Srajeldin, a naturopathic doctor in the city of Toronto for the past 33 years. I attended Stephen Leacock C.I. in Scarborough then moved to my undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto. I pursued my passion for alternative medicine at the Canadian (Ontario) College of Naturopathic Medicine and graduated as a Doctor of Naturopathy. My experiences over the past 33 years have been refined with every clinical case that I have started and ended in a successful recovery. Maybe numbers would illustrate this point a little better. Interviewing and treating an average of ten patients a day means I have conducted approximately 500,000 visits and treatments in these 33 years. Each of these treatments has sharpened my skills and enabled me to become one of the leading naturopaths in the city of Toronto.

I am committed to serving my patients with the safest treatments at all times. Commitment has led me to improve my existing knowledge by attending Naturopathic and Medical conferences locally and all over the world including The USA, Germany, England, France, and Mexico. I estimate that I have attended approximately 1,000 hours of conferences and educational courses to keep my skills and knowledge current. My love and passion for Naturopathic medicine have resulted in many successes in treating local patients. These successes have led to referrals of royalties and dignitaries from abroad to seek my services for their health issues.

Over the years, I have come to realize that even if two independent cases display similar symptoms to one another, I should not treat the two cases in the same way. Despite having many similarities, there could also be much dissimilarity deep in the patient’s history, or in the modalities of the symptoms. Therefore, in all fairness to my patients, I find myself obliged to perform a full exam as if this is the first examination of its kind. These diagnostic skills and my ability to listen to the smallest details have led patients to tell me that my extensive clinical investigations are very fine and sharp.

Further, I have introduced naturopathic medicine to various countries in the world. I was honoured to lecture about alternative therapy at conferences locally in Canada as well as globally in countries such as Germany, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Dubai.

I have helped with chronic allergies cases, chronic digestive issues cases and high cholesterol cases. I am also very successful in managing all types of cases of children’s ADD, ADHD and Autism. I am proud to say that I have helped with 33 conceptions by helping partners and supporting mothers to conceive when they were classified as infertile after failing at IVF therapy more than once. I have helped numerous cancer cases

Dr. Fateh Srajeldin BSc., ND